Nigel Finley

About Me

Profile Image Hello, world! My name is Nigel Finley and I am working towards being a full-stack developer through the UT Bootcamp classes here in Austin, Texas. I am an avid soccer player/fan and my favorite soccer team is Liverpool. I also play music in a local funk/neo-soul band called Flyjack and I live in south Austin with my wife and white mini-schnauzer.

Having a music background I strongly believe from what I have seen in my coding experience so far, the process of writing code and the process of writing music is very closely linked. To document my thoughts on this intersection of code and music, I have started a blog called The Finley Code. I hope to use my experience in music and music licensing to uncover the exciting world of coding.

In addition to my fanatic love of music, and just as important, I really enjoy giving back to the community and I am currently on the advisory board for a local non-profit that gives grants to local Austin bands called, Black Fret.

Personally, I also enjoy hiking, biking, snowboarding and swiming...all enjoyed when it is not 150 degrees outside. Here is to new adventures!